merry christmas

All things are done. Now it is time to relax, to think back and make plans for the coming year.
And I remember one of the most beautiful Christmas poems by Hermann Hesse:

In Weihnachtszeiten
by Hermann Hesse (1877-1962)

In Weihnachtszeiten reis' ich gern
Und bin dem Kinderjubel fern
Und geh' in Wald und Schnee allein.
Und manchmal, doch nicht jedes Jahr,
Trifft meine gute Stunde ein,
Daß ich von allem, was da war,
Auf einen Augenblick gesunde
Und irgendwo im Wald für eine Stunde
Der Kindheit Duft erfühle tief im Sinn
Und wieder Knabe bin...

At Christmas Time

At Christmas time I travel far
And go away from children's playing
And go through wood and snow alone,
And sometimes, tho' not every year
I find a happy hour again
And from the many things I know
Then for a moment I am healed
And somewhere in the woods,
But for an hour
I feel an ancient breath that cools my soul
And I'm  a child again.

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sukipoet said...

beautiful photo. and beautiful poem. I am not sure I knew Hermann Hesse wrote poetry. For a while, back in the sixties, he was quite popular here for his novels. Have a lovely Christmas. Suki