Yesterday, I went to the house of a friend and we did a project together. we painted a flowerpot. We had a lot of fun doing it and although we painted together for 5 hours, it's still not finished!
I keep you informed...


november marvel

"Above all, for recuperation, for daily relief, the small delights, not the big ones, have been given to us."
(Hermann Hesse)


no time to paint - part two -

All finished projects. I made some "cactus" wrist warmers for my ETSY shop which are very comfortable and warm - and I knitted some woolen socks for my husband and myself.

no time to paint

Still incredible warm weather because of a frequent weather phenomenon, called Foehn wind. Therefore, we went on a hike again,ate "Kaiserschmarrn" and enjoyed the sun, sitting in front of an alpine hut.


sunny november

Warm temperatures - about 16degrees C - prolong the autumn outdoor season...